"Who Wants To Live Forever", Isle Of Wight, 2016

If you have time to check out only one song, try this one. If after that you think that Adam is not for you, or you think he cannot sing (there are haters out there who seriously or not claim that), then you can skip the rest. You cannot be helped.


While there have been more than 200 performances of "Who Wants To Live Forever" by QUEEN + Adam Lambert, there are probably only one or two that rival this recording. However, this video is special for several reasons. The day before, a mass shooting in a gay club in Orlando Florida took the lifes of 49 innocent victims, so Adam dedicated the song to them and the tragedy visibly added even more passion to the performance. Also, the concert was in front of UK audience at the Isle of Wight festival, which is of course QUEEN's home turf. And finally, other than most of the other recordings which came from fans with cellphones, this one was recorded professionally with excellent picture and sound, and was included on the "Live Around The World" album / BluRay.


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