A Queen with QUEEN opening the Platinum Jubilee Concert
for The Queen (or was it the other way round?)

On June 4, 2022, Paddington Bear reportedly had tea and marmelade sandwiches with The Queen Of England. Eventually, both ended up chiming the Stomp-Stomp-Clap rhytm on tea cups and saucers. Enter Adam Lambert, flanked by the HM Royal Marines Corps Of Drums keeping the same beat, strutting the steps in front of the Buckingham Palace, singing "We Will, We Will Rock You!" to the clapping, singing crowd...


Could this have been classified as another QUEEN-related Full Circle Moment? Possibly. From the first "We Are The Champions" performance with QUEEN at the finale of American Idol on May 20, 2009 to the performance of the same song at the end of the short Platinum Jubilee set it would have been a 4763 days arc. But the occasion was so momentous and surreal that it deserves to be an Adam Lambert Personal First.