In His Own Words

I left school and my dad said, “I’m not paying your bills. You’ve got to get a job.” So I got a job working at Macy’s in Orange County at the Main Place mall right near Fullerton. I was doing retail and I stayed there for about six months and then I moved to North Hollywood. I had a couple friends that had moved up. I hung out with them and I was miserable. I couldn’t find a job. I couldn’t work. I was fat. I was a little lonely, and then I got my first job, which was on a cruise ship. I was 19.

From the "Adam Lambert: The Ultimate Interview - Part 1" by Fred Bronson, Los Angeles Times, August 4th, 2009.

Macy's -
From A Sales Associate To An American Icon

Adam held a retail job at Macy's MainPlace Mall in Orange County, CA for approx. 6 months in 2001.

15 years later, starting on May 2, 2016, he appeared in Macy's "American Icons" campaign in USA and Canada.

While it is hard to produce exact dates for the start of this arc, it is currently the third-longest Full-Circle Moment in our tracking behind the Paula Abdul Live Concert to American Idol Audition and the Elvis Karaoke Tape To NBC Comeback Special