The "Circularity Chart" was started in 2014. It contains all Full-Circle Moments And Firsts we are currently tracking. The numbers above the arcs represent the time in days (or months, or years, if explicitly specified) between the start and the Full Circle Moment.


Larger arcs represent longer periods of time. The colors reflect the various periods in Adam's career. For example, the early years before American Idol are green, the year of American Idol Season 8 is blue , the year of the Glam Nation Live tour is purple, the year of the Trespassing album is yellow (yellow and black stripes were the colors of the period!), the various shades of red denote a more and more established artist...


Click the image to open the full resolution version (7000x4200) in a new tab, and zoom in / pan around to explore:

Previous Versions Archive: 2014 - 2020

You might object that the chart uses half circles to represent Full Circle Moments. We are aware of that discrepancy, and in fact the first iterations seen in the archive below were labeled "The Adam Lambert Full Circle Moments Chart Of Semi-Circles" and later, once the OREO ad came out, "The Adam Lambert Full Circle Moments Chart Of Half-Eaten Oreos".


A Full-Circle Moment does not really have a circular representation in two dimensions, where the horizontal axis is time. In three dimensions, it may be a helix where looking along the time axis you would see a circle do a full revolution and end up at the same spot, but in reality the start and end points would be separated by time in 3D... The Chart was actually developed and is being generated using a 3D modeling software, but we have made the conscious decision to represent the data in a stylish 2D form. 


So let's just assume that in the Parallel Universe containing Planet Fierce, a semi-circle is the 2D projection of a Full Circle Moment! :)