This song was included as a Bonus Track on Adam's second studio album "Trespassing". In other words, it wasn't heard by people who purchased just the standard edition of the CD or iTunes album. However, it quickly became a fan favorite, and Adam had to eventually admit during a Twitter party that he simply "F----d up" when making the song selection. There was never a music video, but a number of anime-based videos started appearing on YouTube. Eventually, "Runnin" became Adam's most streamed song on Spotify that was not an official single. After years of hoping to hear it live, fans rejoiced when the song became part of a medley with "Chokehold" and "Sleepwalker" during the "Original High" tour. Of all songs Adam has released, "Runnin" is the one that pushes his vocal range closest to its limits - try singing along, we dare you!


Adam Lambert Essentials - The Bonus Track Record

Picking the songs for the main album is a difficult task for both the artist and the label. Over the years, Adam has relegated a number of brilliant songs to Bonus Track status, especially in his first two albums. So while his track record selecting the best songs for the album is kinda lacking (or the label messed up as with "Better Than I Know Myself" and "Never Close Our Eyes"), on the positive side there is plenty of additional material to enjoy. Some of these songs even made it to the live concerts, like "Voodoo" and "Down The Rabbit Hole" opening the "Glam Nation Tour".


Down The Rabbit Hole

After Hours

"Voodoo" was a collaboration with Sam Sparro which ended up as a Bonus Track on "For Your Entertainment". Adam recalled in an interview that he grew colder towards the song, but then eventually fell in love with it again and made it the opening number of his "Glam Nation Tour". You can find the studio recording and a multi-camera fan edit from a concert in Melbourne, Australia below:

"Down The Rabbit Hole" was a bonus track on "For Your Entertainment" and contained some of the most phychedelic lyrics of any song Adam has ever recorded. In an interview, he mentioned the team tried to come up with the most nonsensical word combinations and had a lot of fun with it. The song was performed as part of the opening medley on the "Glam Nation Tour". An acoustic version of the song was recorded for the VH1 Unplugged sessions and features Zack Baird on keys:

"After Hours" was a bonus track on "The Original High" album. It was created as part of the same session that gave birth to the title song. While it appears slightly unfinished, it feels both relaxed and driving at the same time and creates an amazing atmosphere in its live versions:

Can't Let You Go

For some unexplainable reason, "Can't Let You Go" was released as a bonus track only on the UK, EU and Japan editions of the "For Your Entertainment" album. It has never been performed live.

Producer Greg Wells tweeted on October 11, 2009: “Thanks for the nice words re: “Can’t Let You Go”. Adam was literally on his knees singing this vocal in the studio, killing it as usual."